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Awwww… it’s over.
May 11, 2004, 9:25 am
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The concert is over. I got to downtown LA a bit earlier than I expected, but it was probably for the best, as I avoided most traffic. The crowd wasn’t as badly behaved as they could have been, but the definitely could have been more composed. There are a few spots where, if they were to release a CD version of the concert, the overly-enthusiastic applause will drown out the orchestra. The song list, as I remember, and assisted by a post on the boards:

FF8: Liberi Fatali
FF10: To Zanarkand
FF6: Tina’s Theme
FF4: Theme of Love
FF5: Dear Friends (new?)
FF9: Vamo’ alla Flamenco
FF8: Love Grows
FF7: Aeris’ Theme
FF9: Not Alone
FF11: Ronfaure (new)
FF123: Medley
FF7 Advent Children: Unnamed song (new)
FF1: Final Fantasy
FF7: One Winged Angel (encore)

The talking part was when Nobuo Uematsu got up to talk, then he was joined by Yoshitaka Amano and Hironobu Sakaguchi. As Dom and I continuously commented, Uematsu is such a ham. He would run around, waving his arms up, and control the level of applause by lowering and raising his arms. True, this whole night was really all about him, and he seemed to get into it. Another funny moment was when Amano was talking and talking and talking… not stopping for the translator to speak. As it got progressively longer, people started chuckling. When he stopped, all eyes went on the translator, and she just stood there… and everyone laughed. She got most of it, but it was still rather funny, especially when the very next comment was by Sakaguchi. “Great Concert.” (In English.)

Met up with some people after the concert, but they had to go off. Ended up eating dinner at IHOP with Dom, Ami and some of their friends.

Today’s the day before E3, I got my badge ahead of time, so I’m all set, although for the course of the convention, my name will be Koiji Maeda.

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Oh my god, maybe you’re related to my roommate! Her last name’s 前田, too!

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chinky eyed hammy strikes again!

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