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May 7, 2004, 4:12 pm
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Only three more days until Dear Friends! I’m driving down tomorrow, and going to an Angel’s game on Sunday with my step-dad, because my Mom is in Indiana with my Grandmother. Then, I’m sticking around for E3. We’ll see what happens, as a default I’m driving 45 miles each way from Yorba Linda to downtown LA, so I’m not looking forward to that, and will definitely be open to crashing on someone’s hotel room floor.

On a side note, I made a deliberate decision to not take my PC with me. Yes, that’s right, I’m taking more than a week off of FFXI. Yes, it’s true that it’s sort of a cop-out, because I’m going to be spending my time at a Final Fantasy Concert and a Video Game convention, but at least give me a little credit! I can stop playing if I want to, right? I’m not addicted, right?

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nati would be ashamed of you. he brought his pc up for that month he stayed… all for eq. hehe. suckas!

Comment by kken

You know, it was this very fact that made me pause and reconsider taking my pc down.

Comment by Andy Scheffler


Comment by kken

You know… I’m bringing the Alienware laptop. That has FFXI installed on it…

Comment by vibratingsheep

Yes, but most of the free time will be before and after E3, and I’ll be at my mom’s house then.

Oh, and you evil tempter of souls!

Comment by Andy Scheffler

The power of FFXI compels you! 🙂 The power of FFXI compels you! 🙂

Comment by mariarider

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