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December 21, 2003, 12:46 am
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Went into the city today to watch Return of the King. We were over three hours in, when suddenly the screen goes dark and the emergency lights came on, one beat later the entire theatre is in an uproar. Yes, the Coronet theater was one of the more than 100,000 PG&E customers who were without electricity this evening… and still are, last we heard. So, not only did I miss the last 10-20 minutes of this epic film, we had to endure intersection after intersection of four-way stops.

SF is so odd… the pattern of power and powerless areas made no sense whatsoever… if only the theater were one block to the West, we’d been fine… but if it were three blocks to the West, it would have been out of power again…

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Well, just to break the suspense, in the end it is revealed that Sauron is Frodo’s father!

Comment by bigdumbthing

Noooooooo! That’s unpossible!

Comment by Andy Scheffler

hahaha! You were in the same theater as another lj friend ( ) who drove from Sacramento to see it! Wow small world but damn that sucks!

Comment by lyricaldanichan

It’s ok. You just missed the ending scenes that could have ended the film. I forget how many, but when you need to go to the bathroom, there are too many of them =)

Comment by thndr

Oh hoh….

I heard about that outage. That must have.. royally… SUCKED……

Comment by glue

Re: Oh hoh….

At least they were close to the end. Must’ve sucked more for people who went to some showing an hour after theirs!

Comment by curse

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