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A full day of healing, so to speak
December 27, 2003, 3:01 am
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I spend almost all of today playing Final Fantasy XI. I went from level 12 to level 16 (and most of the way to 17) in nine hours. That’s amazing speed. I was in a party that just worked. Unfortunately, as party members left and were replaced, the “magic” or something was lost and we started dying. Yes, for four or five hours, no one died. Eventually, I was pulled away by Hank and Albert to go to dinner.

Now, I’m high enough in level that I can wander between the three major cities, but now I need to work my way to Jeuno to get my Chocobo license… but before that, I’m hanging out at Bastok trying to get the grass I need for that quest, although I might just break down and buy it…

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