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Curse you, electromagnetism!
December 18, 2003, 1:21 am
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I finally got my iPod the other day, not too long after getting the iTrip. Ironically, I came to the exact same conclusion that bigdumbthing did (who also just got an iPod and iTrip) — the iTrip would be a great piece of hardware if it wasn’t for the fact that every single channel on the radio has either a station, or random blips from a station near it, making the thing very frustrating to listen to. Electromagnetism now takes its place… second on my “Fundamental forces that piss me off” list, right behind Gravity.

So now, I’m going to have to research line in options for my car stereo. First is going to an auto sound place and giving them my model info for my stock head unit and seeing if they have a line in adapter for the CD changer interface (which I’ve got, hidden in the back there). If that doesn’t work, I start investigating new head units… although that may have to be a purchase in the not-so-near future, as it would be a more significant expense.

But anyway. Final Fantasy X-2 is starting to annoy me with the minutia and tedium, but still has enough of the spark of addiction that keeps me going. I need to finish it so I can start working down my games wishlist. I also need to spend more time on FFXI… I’m paying for it, after all. I’ll get a bunch of time over the holiday weeks, as I’m going to not have as much work to do, so I’ll be at home. Plenty of time to catch up.

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Sadly I will also be exploring these options. The iTunes random signal strength and/or the occasional poor signal of the tape adapter somehow caused me to blow out my car speakers.. so new speaker time.. *sigh*


Comment by bigdumbthing

If you’re not doing anything else w/ your FFX-2 after you’re done, I’d like to borrow it!

Comment by curse

me too! damn!

Comment by bigdumbthing

oh, i’ll need to borrow my PS2 as well..

Comment by bigdumbthing

I’m in no hurry; bigdumbthing can borrow it first.. unless Hamu’s still holding the PS2 hostage.

Comment by curse

Such strong feelings about weak interactions are a magnet for comments, the gravity of your complaint is electrifying.

Comment by vinz_klortho

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