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More weirdness than usual.
December 11, 2003, 5:26 pm
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So, once again, a phone post disappeared. I was wondering why people were asking me “Hey, Andy, why were you on a bus at 1 a.m.?” I was at the Yahoo! Year End Party again. I had made a post on the way up, even commenting on how I was hoping I didn’t get stuck next to a drunk who would throw up. Go figure, huh?

The evening was pretty much a repeat of last year. Got there early, wasted some time playing fake blackjack, met up with Stacey, wandered around, broke off from Stacey, played DDR, got tired and went onto a bus with a bunch of drunk people. Between the man who wouldn’t stop yelling “Yahoo!”, the woman who started singing, the girl who sat next to me and had to put her legs up on my lap because the guy threw up very close to her, it was one of the more eventful bus rides.

The scariness continued, though…. on Monday at work, right as I was standing there, a guy slipped and fell on a puddle in the cafeteria. (There was a warning sign and everything, but he had a medical condition that caused him to shuffle or something like that.) Well, it took a bit for me to realize, but he had not just fallen, but snapped his ankle and was bleeding everywhere, due to his condition, which was something like “overly veined legs.” Well, that was a bit traumatizing… although I bet more for him… very scary.

So, I’m going “skiing” this weekend. We’ll see if I actually ski or not.

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