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April 11, 2002, 6:41 pm
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I think I’ll cruise the random journal link.

Only this time, I think I’ll make an effort to actually comment on people’s entries.

Whee! Here I go!

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Aieeee…. my brain hurts.

Please, make the inanity stop.

Boy, that didn’t take long.

I didn’t find a single thing worth commenting on.

Comment by Andy Scheffler

Re: Aieeee…. my brain hurts.

Short game.

Did you only roll up one journal, or was there just not enough of the right material?

Comment by kermix

Re: Aieeee…. my brain hurts.

I hit about twenty journals… and they all blurred together into one big mess of high school angst.

Comment by Andy Scheffler

Re: Aieeee…. my brain hurts.

Hehe some friends of mine play the opposite of that game .. they use the random link to intentionally find inane content, which they usually end up making fun of in IRC conversations..

Comment by digitalmaven

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