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One sure thing
April 15, 2002, 5:44 pm
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There is one sure way to get over a crush.

Get a new crush.

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What? what? what? what? what?!? who? what? you had a previous crush that you were crushing over? and now you have a new crush to be crushed upon? when did this happen? is someone impersonating hamusutaa?

Comment by bigdumbthing

nosy shmosy!

Comment by gyoza

you call me nosy, and then start trying to get me to tell you all the info 😛

Comment by bigdumbthing


No one you know.

Comment by Andy Scheffler


Does that mean you dont love me anymore ?

Comment by pyee

ooooh!! did Hammy find a cute asian jewish girl??? ^_^

Comment by meowa

Such a person does not exist as far as I have found. It is a myth.

Comment by Andy Scheffler

Hey now…

Dry land was a myth too!

Comment by glue


We know the day. We know whereabouts hammy was this day. We should be able to reason out where he saw…and most important to a serious crush, where he will _continue_ to see his new ‘interest’. Hmmmm….

Comment by Anonymous

Re: C’mon

Let me save you the trouble, because it’s quite obvious if you look at the day and time.

I was at work… duh.

Comment by Andy Scheffler

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