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Slumber party!
April 11, 2002, 11:02 pm
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So pretty soon, Chico’s gonna be here. Tomorrow, Ken and Wynne are coming back into town, and Mara’s driving down. Curse is probably sticking around.

It’s gonna be a slumber party! We can do each others nails, and play truth or dare… maybe even have a *gasp* pillow fight!

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GAHAHAHAHAH! Can I put make up on you !! and play with your hair!!!!

I’ll bring my nail polish for sure!!

Comment by meowa

Damn, I’m gonna miss out. *sigh*

Comment by danpa

Magical Girl Pretty Hammy!

Need ribbons and bows and frilly frilly dresses! tee hee!

Comment by curse

man you just reminded me of the sorrority boys trailer!

“i’m addicted to porn and… pillow fight!”

Comment by kken

Man… Just WHAT is going on in California anyways…

Comment by hattakazaya

Hey, Hammy, if you wanna flip around green an’ purple cards, I’m down for that.

You goin’ to WonderCon?

Comment by cattekin

It’s convention season

I wanted to go to WonderCon, but seeing as how I’m one of the higher-ups for Fanime Con, which is the very next weekend, I’m particularly busy that weekend.

There was also a wedding in New Orleans, and another Convention in Chicago that I wanted to go to. Funny how so many things happen on one weekend.

Comment by Andy Scheffler

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