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March 15, 2004, 3:00 pm
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Just once I want the folks over in the guestbook for my High School reunion to mention their son/daughter/baby without using the word “beautiful”.

This goes on top of the fact that most of them are married with kids, married or about to be married. Either the single people aren’t speaking up because they’re ashamed (which I’m not, by the way. I’m going to go by myself and be happy about it), or I’m going to be in the heavy minority.

This can’t be an uncommon lament.

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I think everyone is in love with adjectives. That said, there is only a handful that seem to be in heavy rotation at any one time… that apply to any given thing. Babies/kids are usually almost always ‘cute’ or ‘beautiful’, maybe ‘gorgeous’.

And its been my /short/ experience with highschool boards that all anyone wants to talk about is stuff that they think either keeps them up with the joneses, as it were, or makes them better than anyone else. So.. houses, jobs, kids, money, power. Beautiful things! No one really discusses business as usual.

I feel your pain. I will refrain from making a post about my beautiful vacation, just for you!

Comment by morgaine

when i went to my 10 yr it was actually split 50/50 with the couples and singles. dunno, i didn’t do any research into my reunion, i just showed up because my friend wanted to go.

i’m glad i went, met this girl who i went to school with since kindergarten and she was single and smoking hot and wanted to meet up. damn the fact i was attached at the time! and i lost her phone number too ;_;

Comment by kken

Y’know what would be a hoot? If you you went w/ Cats, meowa, and me hangin’ off your arms like you are some pimp daddy.

If I’m free that night and the others are game, I’d do it!

Comment by curse

1) The reunion is down in Orange County.

2) NO.

Comment by Andy Scheffler

Man, that would ROCK. You should do it.

Comment by shino6

just go with me; say we had a quiet ceremony in san francisco, and see the horrified look on everyones faces 😉

Comment by bigdumbthing

Why is it a lament? In a couple of years, when the highlight of their lives is changing diapers at 3AM and their weekend consists of grocery shopping and taking the minivan to go get its oil change, you will be sittin’ pretty, doing whatever you want.

Comment by desslok

You have to admit though “beautiful” is always going to be preferable to “Sexy” or “Bootilicious”

Comment by bigdumbthing

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