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I’m guessing… no.
March 30, 2004, 10:45 am
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I just got this virus in my inbox…

From Tue Mar 30 10:36:34 2004
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 08:17:19 -0800
Subject: E-mail account disabling warning.

Dear user, the management  of mailing system wants to let you know that,

Some of our  clients complained about the spam (negative e-mail content)
outgoing from  your  e-mail account. Probably, you  have been infected by
a proxy-relay  trojan server.  In order to keep your  computer safe,
follow the instructions.

Further details can be  obtained from attached file.

In  order to read  the attach you have  to use the following password: 23106.

The Management,
    The team                    

    [ Part 2, Application/OCTET-STREAM (Name: "")  2bytes. ]
    [ Unable to print this part. ]

There’s a management team at Am I paying them? Are they going to shut down my email? Are they the ones secretly running my life? Maybe I should open up the zip file and find out!

Errrr… no.

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My wife got something like that too. Last we checked were were the only “team” running that domain..^^

Comment by goofyrobo

HAH! I love your icon! I will eat it! Oyster crackers! or are they some other thing, that look like oyster crackers?

Comment by morgaine

yup, those are oyster crackers. Took that pic eating my dinner once.

Comment by goofyrobo

i still use pine as well… coz i’m too lazy to find a warez copy of office hehe

Comment by kken

Why not use thunderbird?

For that matter, add OpenOffice, too.

Comment by morgaine

I get stuff like this all the time from my own domains. It’s funny!

Comment by leethomps


Comment by shino6

I got something like this for too. Yeah, I’ll go and put in that password and get that virus. 🙂 DURRR 🙂 Right… 🙂

Comment by mariarider

I use pine too. I’m all for progress, but when it comes to email, I just want text. No embedded pictures. No flash animation. Just text. Pine suffices.

Comment by sobriquet

Thanks for the warning, Andy. I’ll check out asap before funneling it all into Outlook. I’ve already went through enough fun upgrading Norton AntiVirus to the 2004 version, and two full scans, not counting the MyDoom removal tool last night. Not gonna fall for this one.

Comment by raider3


Wow. It’s been a while since I used PINE. (I keep getting this urge to say, PINE is not ELM. There, I’ve said it.)

Comment by bronwynn

Well, I’ve got you all beat. I’ve, at times, opened up the RFC for the protocol and done email by hand over a raw connection.

Comment by vinz_klortho

Mutt roxors my boxors.

(And like Mr. Klortho, I’ve done (and still do actually) done plenty of raw SMTP by hand…)

Comment by cbongo

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