This doesn’t bode well…

I do believe the Republicans may have just buttoned up the election right there…

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        1. That would require said people to actually read up on her, instead of just going “Hey, I hate how Obama beat Hillary and that’s a woman! Gonna vote for McCain” of which far too many people will. God they need an IQ test or something to vote.

      1. 100% of former Hillary supporters I have talked to, even really fucking ignorant ones, hate this new woman BECAUSE she represents an obvious attempt to pull them to the Republican side, and they’re like “we’re not that fucking dumb.”

  1. Also, she’s Hilary’s exact opposite in most of the issues. She should be checked for a goatee or whatever feature distinguished bizarro-world clones from their true counterparts.

    She’s against abortion, even in cases of rape, incest, or fatal risk to the mother. That right there will keep most women from voting for her. In a way, it helps a lot to inform the public about McCain’s similar position on the issue.
    She’s for the war, for oil drilling, hunts for sport, and recently had a criminal investigation about hiring and firing policies in her own office opened against her.

    Oh, and did you see the clip from 7/31/08 where she is asked about whether she had discussed the VP job with McCain? He answer was [paraphrasing], ‘I’ll be happy to answer that question as soon as someone can tell me what the VP actually does every day.”

    So, obviously, she’s the right person for a job she can’t even define

    1. She’s a brilliant choice, for completely bass ackward reasons.

      She sews up his formerly shake base, the religious right vote. The more you criticize her, the more formerly tepid evangelicals will rise to defend their way of life. She’s a wash, gender-wise. Liberals will attack her as a Hillary wanna-be, and Conservatives defend her as a trailblazer. Nothing lost there. If he picks up some Independents because of it, all-good. And she gets everyone talking about exactly what the Republicans don’t want to be discussing right now…

      The Economy.

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