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So I don’t remember if I posted or not about it, but I bought the updated control box for my Cobalt Flux hard DDR pad and was disappointed to find that the XBox connectivity was only for the original XBox, not the XBox 360. I did some research online, and it turns out that many people are disappointed about this, and that a solution exists, it just involves a bit of breaking apart a cheaper dance mat and solder and perhaps a resistor or two. I just ordered a bundle that has an XBox 360 mat in it, and it’ll be a sacrifice for the greater good.

Now I need to find my soldering iron…

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  1. I’m halfway through right now. The box has been built and I’m soldering tonight. No resistors, about 26 solder points (13 wires)

    Will let you know how it goes.

    1. Answer: Complete disaster. I’m just not capable of soldering up a DSUB.

      If you can do it, please let me come over and avail myself of your expertise, because I’m quite frustrated at this point.

  2. The updated control box from cobalt flux has a USB plug as one of the three connectors from the control box. I don’t know about the PC (Stepmania is probably the program you’re thinking of) but when I plugged it into my Mac, it was recognized as a typical USB controller, and the buttons worked as expected.

    I also have the 9 pin version. They just ship you the 15 pin control box then a 9->15 converter cable.

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