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For the first time in ten years…
January 29, 2008, 12:15 pm
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… I have purchased a new car.

That’s a Prius for those of you who can’t recognize them by sight. They’re getting more and more common around here, but I don’t know if that’s just the Silicon Valley influence.

I picked it up on Saturday and I’ve mostly gotten used to the way it handles. The turning radius is much tighter than my old car (A 1996 Infiniti G20 for those of you who didn’t know) and the front corners are closer. I’m still trying to learn how the Smart Key stuff works, like how to unlock the passenger doors without reaching into my pocket or hitting the unlock on the inside. I got the package which has navigation and Bluetooth, but sadly my POS phone doesn’t have a batch address book transfer so I have to either reenter all the phone numbers or transfer them one at a time.

So I’ve got this brand-new high-technology car with GPS, Bluetooth, CD Changer, Voice Activation, Rear Camera, Smart Key, Gizmos and Whatnots and all sorts of fun stuff and what’s one of the things I’m happiest to have for the first time?


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Hooray for Prius! owns one and it’s my favorite drive.

It is getting older, though, and noticeably louder; the engine kicks in a lot more often than it used to.

Comment by kermix

Dude, cupholders were one of MY requirements when I got my car.

Comment by bobthetrout

can you still score an HOV lane sticker?

Comment by edkwon

Sadly, no, that ship has sailed.

Comment by Andy Scheffler

Supposedly these things pay themselves off in gas savings in 2-3 years. Plus that whole tax deductable thing. Good deal.

There are really only two reasons to get it though. Either you want to feel like you’re saving the Earth or you want to drive a high-tech car.

Comment by ricesuki

The tax credit ship has also sailed, as I just found out today.

It’s based on the number of each model sold, up to 60,000. And since 60,000 Priuses have already been sold I get bupkis.

Comment by Andy Scheffler


Comment by suberunker

Cupholders FTW! My parents lament that their Lexus lacks the convenient cupholders that my oh-so-much-cheaper and one year older Toyota Corolla has in spades. I <3 cupholders.

Comment by danpa

So you’re in the Prius Cult with Tanzy now. They’re pretty nice.

I suppose you should familiarize yourself with the Prius rant but you could just find that on youtube by Jeremy Clarkson.

Comment by oberstein

you mean this lovely review?

Comment by edkwon

Despite the lack of HOV and tax credit now, it still looks damned nice. To me, the fuel efficiency alone would be worth it over other cars of comparable price out there.

And now that hybrids actually have a decent look and come in colors that are no longer vomit-inducing, they actually look like real cars too.


Comment by glue

Very nice! ^^

Comment by pockyman

wow pretty cool, now you need to put cool bumper stickers on the back!

Comment by lyricaldanichan

Whenever I see a Prius I immediately know that ‘driving’ or ‘cars’ is not something the driver would note down as a hobby.

Either way, congratulations 🙂

Comment by kuonji

Considering you scored none of the “perks” of buying a hybrid, what attracted you about the Prius?

Comment by ohmisunao

Congratulations! I actually saw a noticeable number in podunk Arizona, which surprised me.

Comment by desslok

Belated grats, Hammy. 🙂

My principal, who drives me into work every morning, bought a Prius about a year ago – I like how it handles. Very smooth ride, and he likes the fact that he doesn’t have to fill the tank, sometimes for weeks. 😀

Comment by rainawallis

Actually here’s the real Top Gear Prius review, chock full of british wit and sarcasm

Comment by edkwon

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