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An “Upgrade”
January 23, 2008, 3:43 pm
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So a while back, finally gave up FFXI for good. She’d been fading out for a while, but I guess she decided it wasn’t worth paying for something she wasn’t using. I’d offered to take over the account in passing, but I guess I should have insisted more, because it faded away and I assumed someone else had taken it over.

Then a few weeks ago I found out that it had actually gone away. And since FFXI accounts do not “freeze” like WoW accounts do — if you leave them idle too long the characters cannot easily be recovered (if at all) — I poked her again. Well, that is to say poked her on my behalf.

So after some password exchange and payment switching, Uruki lives again. So now, poor Azalyn, long lost character of is going away. I’m sorry, but a character with only THF57 can’t compete with one who’s BRD75, RDM75, WHM75, BLM75, SMN71 and more. Yeah, that’s right I have a second account I’m going to use for powerleveling that’s better than my own.

So on Sunday I started the process of reconciling three accounts’ worth of gear to see what’s extra and needs to be sold. Then, just when I was done, someone mentioned “Why don’t you just use AltanaCubby?” to which I replied “What’s that?” and my mind was blown. It’s a program (that’s safe to use, people have watched its net usage) that reads your local FFXI cache and shows what items every character had in their inventory when you last logged in. And it can export a text file. So basically I could have done what I did in a fraction of the time. C’est la vie.

(I’ve realized after looking over this post that it has more commas and other random punctuation that even I normally use. I guess I’m in a non-linear frame of mind and can’t form sentences right now.)

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Dang, I wish I’d known about that.

Comment by fishmoon

By the way, I totally love that icon.

Comment by Andy Scheffler

Bwahahaha. I love Toph. Didn’t know you were an Avatar fan.

Comment by fishmoon

Sorry for being OT but are you safe from the layoffs at Y!? I heard about
it yesterday and went oh shii.. I hope hamu will be OK. I wish you would work at Apple Inc.. hope things are well other then you are still playing FFXI! 😛

Now S-E need to release a Draqon Quest Online, then I will stop my goofing!

Comment by lyricaldanichan

I’d like to think I’m safe because I’m working on the project that’s the #1 priority of the company. Because the nature of the layoffs is all about “refocusing efforts” I’m pretty sure we won’t get touched because we’re kind of a lot of the eggs that Y! has in the basket right now.

Comment by Andy Scheffler

Oh that is good, well here is hoping for a successful project!

Comment by lyricaldanichan

“someone mentioned “Why don’t you just use AltanaCubby?””
That was me! I’ve totally been improving the quality of your life as of late. Which is just wrong. Remind me to put you in a garbage can the next time I see you.

Comment by scionith

*cry* Poor Azalyn.

Comment by bigdumbthing

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