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January 7, 2008, 6:08 pm
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85% Dennis Kucinich
84% Mike Gravel
82% Barack Obama
80% Chris Dodd
79% Hillary Clinton
79% Bill Richardson
77% John Edwards
75% Joe Biden
45% Rudy Giuliani
36% John McCain
33% Ron Paul
29% Mike Huckabee
28% Mitt Romney
19% Tom Tancredo
17% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

Four years ago, I did a similar test. Looks like I was 71% in line with Kucinich that time, yet 84% this time. *shrug* It looks like I’ve got a view which is sort of in line with the general Democrat’s view, but not directly in line with any of the candidates. So this makes the primary choice interesting, but I’ll probably be “kinda okay” with any of them for the actual election.

I should do actual research into the exact issues that each candidate agrees with me on. Then again we all know how much the candidate’s views actually impact policy when elected. (hint: not as much as the party’s.)

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Dodd, Edwards, Obama, Clinton, etc… but pretty similar after that.

Comment by shino6

lol…Go Democrats!

78% Clinton, 76% Edwards, 75% Obama, 74% Biden, 73% Dodd

Comment by frumpysf

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