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Lost Subject #2: Framed!
January 3, 2008, 12:24 am
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So on a lighter note… back when I had more disposable income, I bought stuff that I thought would look cool hanging on my wall. Then I kept putting them in poster tubes and an art portfolio and they never saw the light of day. I don’t remember the impetus, but I finally got the motivation to get them framed and to hang them up.

Actually I do think I remember. It was because I cleaned out the two corners of my bedroom that hadn’t been cleaned in years and I ended up rediscovering these items. Anyway, I measured some of the prints and posters that I knew would be standard-sized, and took the portfolio to Aaron Brothers. I knew that ‘s girlfriend worked there, but I didn’t actually expect her to be the one who helped me through the framing process. In the end, I only ended up getting three of the things framed. There’s still a Thunderbirds 2086 cel that I could get framed, but it’s kind of weird because it’s a cel with an overlay so if it were framed, I’d either have to ignore the overlay or permanently hide part of the character’s body and I didn’t want to worry about that.

These pictures were taken with my crappy ten-year-old digital camera that has problems taking pictures of anything that’s not in broad daylight or responds well to flash (which pictures behind reflective glass certainly do not).

The original art for the Magic: the Gathering card “Grave Robbers” by Quinton Hoover, also framed with a signed copy of the card. If you think this is cool, you should see ‘s condo, the entire entry hallway is filled with frames like this of orignal Magic art. Including, I might add, Illusions of Grandeur, another Quinton Hoover art card and probably one of my favorites. But he got it before I could, damn him.

A production cel from the ending to Mahou Tsukai Tai! of Nanaka. I only own two animation cels, the TB2086 one I mentioned before and this one. I knew a lot of people who were way into collecting cels back in the day and I knew how much of a slippery slope it can be. But when I saw this one, of my favorite character from one of my favorite animes holding an umbrella looking up, centered in the cel… I just had to buy it. And now it’s finally out to be seen.

This one isn’t as illustrious; it’s just a print, not original art. But it’s still of Ayukawa Madoka, the ultimate anime girl and anyone who argues otherwise gets a black eye. I bought this one at an Anime Expo chartity auction for some stupid reason, along with a Lupin III poster that I would have had framed as well, but it got crushed and would require reconstruction to lay flat and it’s totally not worth it.

Other things I got framed include a Apple Macintosh iPod 20th Anniversary poster (which required a silly amount of nails to hold up because of the really heavy frame I put it in) and a bunch of prints of other Magic cards done by Quinton Hoover. The prints I haven’t put up yet because they actually didn’t have enough of the 8″x10″ frames I got so I need to go back and get more. Then I get to decide how to put them up.

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asia? you framed an asia poster??? how hard did the people at the framing store laugh at you when you brought that in?

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