And now the gaming-type update

So I’m still barely playing FFXI. After following ‘s example, I’m buying up Moat Carp for my Lu Shang’s Fishing rod instead of catching them all. It gives me something to spend my gil on that feels worth it instead of minorly incremental and inefficient. Also, let his FFXI account expire, so I finally bit the bullet and transferred it over to my name and billing information. So I now own two FFXI accounts officially. I need to go about transferring my mules over to that account to aid in equipment exchange.

Our WoW guild tried Karazhan for the first time last week. For a first attempt with a less than optimal setup (three rogues ftw) we managed to down Attumen on the first try. We wiped a few times on Moroes due to crowd control issues, and that was that. We all managed to get to Friendly with The Violet Eye, so yay to new tanking ring. My gear should still be in my tanking gear unless I log in tonight and forget to swap it back. Until 2.1 hits I’m actually close to optimal bear gear. Then all of a sudden the raiding gear gets a boost and there’s better gear that I’ll never see because we don’t have 25 people to raid with and all is back to normal in the MMO world.

The Xbox fairy delivered an Xbox 360 to the house. This confused us more than made us happy, as we weren’t really expecting it and now we have to get games for it or something. So I’ll likely be getting FFXI (just because I get free gamerpoints and I don’t have to activate the account on it) and Guitar Hero 2. ‘Cause Gears of War don’t interest me. Then again, someone else in the house might buy GoW…