The wonders of spring

Spring brings us many different things:

  1. A heatwave that only lasts one day but is amazingly hot. Opening the windows didn’t cool the house off yesterday because it was still hot out when I got home. So I actually turned the air conditioning temporarily, but by the time the house had cooled down, so had outside. Freakish.
  2. Spring cleaning. We had a party at the house on Saturday, so we needed to clean the middle floor. So of course, in order to get the middle floor clean, we had to make room for some of the stuff that was lying around, which meant cleaning other parts of the house to make room for it, and it kept chaining. The net effect was me reorganizing furniture in my room, buying a new bookshelf and DVD rack, gaining complete use of our kitchen table for the first time in years, seeing the patio floor again, and throwing away so much trash that we couldn’t park one of the cars in the garage over the weekend because the trash took up too much space.
  3. Birds. Graceful and beautiful when observed from a distance in your leisure time. However, they are neither when they are repeatedly running into my bedroom window at 6am every morning for the past week. Like clockwork, this stupid bird keeps flying into my window, waking me up, flying back to his branch or whatever, then flying into my window again for anywhere from two to fifteen minutes. I have no idea why, but it’s driving me crazy and making me all sleep deprived. And on Friday, it interrupted the song and dance number in my dream. With Neil Patrick Harris. I give no explanations for my subconscious.