A first!

So, for the first time in this job search, a company actually had the decency to contact me back and tell me I wasn’t right for the position, unlike every other company, which has just stopped answering emails and never gets back to me. Although the pace has slowed from that initial barrage when I first posted on hotjobs, I’m still getting inquiries, some of which sound genuinely interesting.

So, the happy thing about FFXI that I was going to post before but didn’t because of the car thing:

It is finally mine. Yes, I had borrowed one in the past, but then wanted it back, so I had to save up for my own.

Also, I’ve been leveling Paladin, and when I hit 50 (I’m up to 52 now, yay Artifact Armor) I could wear the full set of Iron Musketeer’s armor, or at least the pieces which are good for Paladins:

Don’t I look awesome? I can’t wait for full AF armor.

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