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Reverse Vacation
December 19, 2005, 4:51 pm
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I came up with the term last week. For those of you not keeping track, I’ve been spending most of December (and the latter half of November) not going in to the office, only doing work when contacted, and it wasn’t ever that much.

Then, last week, I get called saying there’s a project that they need someone to work on, and their normal guy is slammed, it should be about four days of work. “Sure,” I say, and I go into the office on last wednesday, thursday and friday working full days. Some time on thursday, my boss asks me if I’m going to be around during the holidays. “Of course I am, where would I go?” I answer, and so I’m on call for work to cover the other people who are out of town (which has already started today).

It’s a reverse vacation.

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Don’t you just love those? I’ve had quite a few myself -.-

Comment by rathanel

Still… yay money? ^.^;

Comment by amefurift

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