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Patch day!
December 13, 2005, 2:14 am
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So, what have I been up to? Let’s see the last time I updated… oh besides the animal crossing post… wait, never mind I’ve pretty much been playing video games all day long.

I got Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time out of the way. Now I have the unholy combination of FFXI, WoW, Dragon Quest 8, and Animal Crossing to sink my time in to. Out of the four of those, only DQ8 has a conceivable ending, and that’s probably a good 70 hours away. The rest I could keep dumping more and more and more into and keep having more to do.

However, my honeymoon with WoW may soon be ending. It’s been fun, but mostly because I’ve been able to do things by myself. Every time I try doing things with other people, a) things go less smoothly b) things get more hectic and c) people die more often. And currently, my quest log has 10/16 quests that are (Elite)… which means I have to do them with other people. I’ve been working on various other things, I got fishing to 225 and started the uncap quest and got cooking to 300. But right as I did that, I was able to connect FFXI to the update server…

Today’s FFXI update is a very significant one. It fixed some very major things:

  1. The first thing I noticed is that the data format for the weapons and armor data files has changed. This means that the program I used to read the info and put it into the character manager spat out faulty information. For the armor, it wasn’t so bad, it only was missing a few things and had some extra garbage characters to delete. For the weapons, however, everything was off and it was pure garbage. Hopefully the author updates the program.
  2. Dragoons now have a panic button, in addition to not being reduced to 80% efficiency when their wyvern dies and their 2-hour wasn’t up. Now they can call their wyvern every 20 minutes, and have a 2-hour ability that actually does something useful.
  3. The rules for monster aggro after they lose everyone that was fighting them (via death, warping or zoning) now changed. Instead of staying where they are and tormenting other people, they now disappear and reappear where they were before they were being fought. I’ve already witness this today and it was a very good thing. i.e. “Omg they’re zoning that snoll! quick! Zone!” And I just kept resting. Sure enough, the snoll disappeared. This also means that zones like Garliage Citadel and Crawler’s Nest no longer become train nightmares at the zone full of monsters that someone dragged there and take forever to reset.
  4. There are new Dynamis Zones. They are limited to 36 people, not 64 (hooray less lag), and supposedly are a no-subjob restricted area. They also drop all the old relic armor, as well as items that can be used to update them… ever so slightly. We’ll see if I actually try these. The other restriction on them is that you have to have beaten Chains of Promathia mission 3-5, which I did recently. (OMG, is that new CoP content that I actually have access to? Someone at SE has gotta be fired over that.)
  5. There were other various changes to the fellowship system that I’m not far enough in to use, anyway.
  6. The limits on merit points were raised. It’s now possible to get a full 7 points in any one magic skill, and still have one left over for something else. This raises the bar for the maximum Enfeebling or Elemental Magic skill by 2. Everything else was bumped up a bit, as well.
  7. There is a new Avatar to summon. It also requires 3-5 to be beaten, because he’s the boss of 3-5. Diablos, the lord of Dreams, Terrestrial Avatar. The quest to get him was very easy to find, and people found it quickly. I had popped on, and very quickly got recruited into a group…

… We gathered together, got the quest, and headed to The Shrouded Maw, the battlefield within Pso’Xja. We weren’t the only ones:

Like the fellowship stuff before, everyone had mobbed the place. The difference is, people were there in groups of 6, and it was a lot harder for anyone to get any semblance of order. Unlike the fellowship lines, where people actually organized, it was a free-for-all. Everyone was crowded around the entry point, spamming enter whenever a stack of six dead bodies appeared at the bottom of the stairs. Yes, people kept going in and dying. This meant that the line wasn’t actually moving, just circulating. I heard that after we were there, they actually managed to get order established, but when we got in, it was through brute force.

So, the fight was just like the mission fight, except instead of being capped at level 40, we were uncapped. This meant I was there as RDM75/DRK37 and my job was to stun Nightmare every chance I got. I managed to do it three times, but he got one off at the very end after using his 2-hour. Fortunately, our BLM had used a poison potion, so he woke up and nuked the last bit of him dead. Two of us died when we zoned out due to the Nightmare (it’s a very nasty ability that puts you to sleep and drains your hp.. normally any loss of hp while asleep wakes you up) including me. But it was so totally worth it:

And here he is, obeying my every move:

Of course, the first thing I had him do was beat up on a rabbit. Only being a RDM75/SMN8, he was pretty weak, and it took him a few hits. I need to work on that. 😛 One of the other members of our group actually has summoner at 75, and she showed off some of the higher level abilities… and they’re niiiiiice. Magic Attack Bonus and Magic Defense Bonus…. Phalanxga… Nightmare (yes, it does the same thing! AoE Sleep and damage over time!)… and the 2-hour is an ability that does a random percentage of damage to the monster. Not so impressive against the level 30 monsters we were testing it against, but it should be very nice against much stronger monsters.

Afterwards, I finally got back to my mog house. I had received some gil in the mail from the Worm’s Turn runs I did last week, as well as the gil from the Suzaku x5 Genbu x2 runs we did yesterday. What I also got on Genbu yesterday was an Aquarian Abjuration: Hands… and after this last batch of gil, I had enough to buy the Cursed Mitts:

Mmmm.. Magic Attack Bonus. Maybe this will make up for not being able to afford an Igqira Weskit. I still want one though… more Magic Attack Bonus! MORE!

Then, as I was about to do something else, I got invited to a manaburn party by an LS-mate. I ended up getting two more merit points, which I used to bump my Elemental Magic Skill bonus to 3. It also made me realize that RDM75/BRD25(or 37) would be quite useful in a BLMx5 RDM manaburn party, and so leveling BRD from 16 to 37 is going to be my next project. Also, having Crimson Cuisses to help with the pulling didn’t hurt, either.

And here I was, scared that I was going to get bored of FFXI. Then again, the people in the linkshell are one of the main reasons I haven’t left, and every time I’m gone for a while and go back in, I’m reminded what a pleasure it is to have intelligent, competent people in a linkshell. If it hadn’t been for them, I would have likely stopped playing a long time ago. Hooray for ShirtNinjas!

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yer punk ass needs to roll on stormscale with the rest of #a!

we gots yo back, yo.

Comment by kken

seriously, you need to start on icecrown. Me, Flo, Cenon, Kuro, Spaz, Bradleg and the rest can help you level up and we’re there to help with groups. No more PUGs! D:

We killed Hakkar in Zul’Gurub last week. 😀

Comment by penguinparity

Yay Shirtninjas!

We’re such a good bunch, it’s great. 😀

Comment by izzbot

Random pick up groups in WoW are a total crapshoot and I tend to not participate in them for the important stuff. In order to really get the group stuff out of the way effectively, you need to find yourself a good guild with players who don’t totally suck (and given that WoW is a pretty easy game, there are a lot of sucktastic players out there with disproportionately large egos) and are willing to help. It can be a pain but once you find a good group of people to play with, the overall experience is much improved.

Comment by ravingsanity

I totally agree with this. Pickup groups are normally just headaches no one needs. >.< That's why I love my guild. They work so well together. :)

Comment by reluctantvixen

My guild is most likely the only reason I’m still playing this game. Without their antics and all around general sense of DUMB(tm) I would’ve left months ago. It’s very nice to hear someone say “Oh lookie! GRAVES! I’m gonna poke ’em ALL MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” in ZF and know they’re kidding. :p

Of course it also helps that most of us have known each other for several years. 😉

Comment by ravingsanity

LOL, we had some dip we picked up DO that. >.< It *was* kind of funny though. Or when we first started doing ZF so we kept wiping, we'd rez then mount up crying "RUN AWAY RUN AWAY" (Monty Python and the Holy Grail).

By the way, do you still have my class ring? *smile*

Comment by reluctantvixen

Haha, thus illustrating why the pickup group is not so good sometimes. Worst PUG ever was an Uldaman run with my druid where I was main healing. Had a couple of my former guildies along (my first guild, not my current one), one of which happened to be The World’s Worst Tank(tm) (“Why do I need a shield?”, “Def stance?”, “I’ll just hit zerker and whirlwind all the time”, “what’s aggro?”) and the other happened to be a horrible Hunter (“traps?”, “pulling?”, “just have the mage sheep everything”). Then we picked up a random Pally on the way in and he was just godawful. Wouldn’t let the hunter pull and then ran off and aggroed everything in the vicinity and then wondered why I couldn’t keep everyone alive even though I’d managed to prevent several wipes (“Why don’t u heal?”). Yargh. To this day I will not set foot in Uldaman because of that, lol. The horror…the horror… :p

Ya know, I bet your ring is still packed away with my stuff at my dad’s house. He tells me everything’s still there. It’s funny, I was just visiting my mom over Thanksgiving and we went out to Oak Glen for a change of scenery (and PIE). As we were passing by Beaumont, I wondered if you still lived there, hehe. Funny old world, ain’t it?

Oh and: HI! How’ve you been? 😀

Comment by ravingsanity

Damn LJ ate my comment! I’m doing well. I added you to friends so I don’t muck up Andy’s page further with my OT silliness. You meet the most unexpected people on LJ. ^.^

Comment by reluctantvixen

Yes, yes you do.

Added you back!

Comment by ravingsanity

druids … lol

Comment by pyee

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