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Digital Convergence
February 26, 2003, 3:26 pm
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I’ve recently had two very odd convergences. First, on Monday I found that one of the people I play M:tG with every week is in the same online sealed deck league (which in itself isn’t too odd, they hold 256 people each), but then last night we ended up playing each other.

Also, yesterday at lunch, completely randomly, I saw someone I thought I recognized someone out of place. It turns out it was one of the people that I play Netrunner with every once in a while. (Note to Frisco: Mark Davis) I ran over and said hello.

Online and real life worlds overlapping. This puts me in the perfect mood to start playing .//INFECTION.

So anyway… PowerBook still in the shop. Still on hold “awaiting part.” My car smells like it might be burning oil, but it’s very faint, I’ll be taking it into a mechanic on Monday, hopefully it’s nothing serious… I was planning on driving down to L.A. next week. It figures that something like this would start happening. I only have three car payments left. It seems that my computer jinx isn’t just limited to computers. (Although I did a pretty good job at causing a kernel panic on my BSD machine at work…)

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The worlds are colliding! You’re killing Independent George!

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