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Computers. Ha!
February 2, 2003, 9:27 pm
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Linux machine died. It just decided to restart itself, then again. So I took this as a sign that it was time to upgrade.

But I don’t upgrade the Linux machine, I always upgrade my windows machine, and use the old components to upgrade the linux machine. So I go into Fry’s with the intention of buying a new processor and motherboard, and end up buying a new video card as well (why the heck not, right?)

Well, just like last time I was introduced to the concept of high density memory, this time I was introduced to the concept of the Pentium 4 extra power supply requirements.

Also, it turns out that the motherboard I bought doesn’t jibe with my SCSI card, it doesn’t look like it supports SCSI at all, so I have to return it.

The magnitude of a computer upgrade is measured in the number of trips to Fry’s. This one is already up to two, with a third one pending.

And to top it off, my Mac cube felt like it had to join in on the fun and decided to just stop booting as well. So now I have three non-functional computers on my desktop.

Back to the Linux machine (with the old guts from the PC inside)… have to reinstall Debian. Ugh.

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