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Wow, old stuff.
February 5, 2003, 3:27 pm
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I’m cleaning out the box of stuff in my cube that’s been building up… it’s mostly old papers which are getting thrown out, and old notepads which have incomprehensible notes from some meeting that I don’t even remember with people who don’t work here anymore.

Nestled into one of these notepads is the following paragraph, copied down from a diatribe I wrote on the common whiteboard just over three years ago:

I have now determined that the term “Millennium” has become overused. Thenceforth, the word “Millennium” may not be used in any context as to imply that any item, concept or person is the most exemplary of the past one thousand years, for it is most decidedly impossible to compare all such things over such a large span of time. Furthermore, there has been a great deal of attention to the new millennium, most likely caused by the “turning over of the odometer” effect, but, in fact, the third millennium does not start until January 1st, 2001. From this day on, all media alluding to or making direct reference to something being the “Best of the Millennium” will be met with extreme prejudice and disdain. Thank you and enjoy the last (475) days of the second millennium.

(This concept also applies to “X of the Century” and “X 2000”.)

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