6 Replies to “Prepare to be freaked out.”

  1. oh and by the way

    just because it may be ambiguous… that’s actually my creation, I didn’t find that randomly on the internet… although I wouldn’t be surprised if it was out there already… it just cried out to be done.

        1. Re: You have that many green bricks??

          I don’t suppose you counted how many of them there block things you used?

          Isn’t that one of the things you lego-artists do or somestuff?

  2. Very cool! I also just wanted to pick a post to say hello in. I added you to my friends list because you have been at the top of my “LJ users with similar interests” list for months. You beat out the number two person by 15 points! I think that means we’re, like, clones or something. 🙂

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