Oh those wacky… whoever they are.

I just got my third-party Drummania controller in the mail. Of course, I don’t actually get the game for two weeks, but the included warning sheet has provided me more entertainment than I would have thought possible. Please note that any misspellings aren’t my fault, they’re that way on the sheet. It’s seriously so bad, it’s funny. It’s so funny, it almost has to be made up.

Attention in Usage
(Please read it)


  1. Please don’t use this product while you are a patient physically example wound in hand, wristed, arm elbowed, foot fractured, disjointed or wrenched; pause your playing if you are tired or have a exceptional sense in playing.
  2. It is very danger waving you drum pole randomly. While your playing, please take care of the others around you.
  3. This product is designed only for in_room usage not out_door. please don’t use in out_door or use with other aims.
  4. This product is nice machine, please don’t make rough actions like falling to ground or hit with big power. In addition, please don’t damp it with water or reconstruct it for avert damagement.
  5. The safe temperature for product is from 5 to 35 degree, attention this and not lay it in sunlight.
  6. Please don’t lay down other things on the controrllor,foot board or electrical wire.
  7. While your playing,please don’t thrust drum’s surface with special drum pole.
  8. Please don’t lay special controllor down in unstable or shaking place.
  9. Please attetion don’t hit your foot while you move special playing_station for it is heavy.
  10. The edge of special performance platform is somewhat danger to people, take attention this in usage.
  11. It’s every danger insert the plug derived from foot_tread into other devices out of this product, It may be cause malfunction and fire.


  • Don’t bring pressure to bear on special performance platform heavily, it may be cause malfunction and dilapidation.
  • Don’t discompose the ‘X’ of shelf of the special performance platform.
  • Please avert playing in the state of tired, avoid playing long for time.
  • Please stop using this product immediately if you have a unconventional sense to Play-Station, PC or this product, and sent it to the shop where this product was saled or Client Service Center for repairing.
  • Because the fore-port of the special performance platform is smaller, make attention to not let your children put it to his mouth to averd hurt.
  • Please use this product carefully, safekeeping the special controller and the special stum pole,don’t fall it to children’s hand.
  • Before you let your children to use this product, for god’s sake you must teach your children how to use. In additional, you can not move away your line of sight while your children is playing.
  • Please remind of your children not touch lined electrical wire or the join line of foot tread,it may be danger to children’s safety.
  • The nut and protecting map of this product are belong to small article, make attention not to let your children eat it.


  • Before you insert and draw the linking electrical wires or foot-tread wires, you must shut off the power supply of Play Station or PC.
  • For avoid damage linking wire, please don’t trample,distort,tear the electrical wires or linking wires of foot-tread.
  • While your playing, you can’t lay things on the linking wire, or enlace the linking wire.
  • Please clean this product with dry washrag.


  • Please select the homologous game software that remarked in this product, It’s not in the range of guarantee for this product if you use products of others.
  • Please make attention not to trouble your neighbors while your playing.
  • The special stum-pole and foot-tread included in appendant are appropriative to this product, don’t ues it for other aims.
  • For got’s sake, please confirm the content of box,bought time and shop name for the first time while you use it.
  • Check if the electrical wire have been damaged before you using this product.

8 Replies to “Oh those wacky… whoever they are.”

      1. Engrish!

        My general xperience is that Hong Kong engrish is better than Japan’s. Not only in written word but also you find more peepoh speeking coherent, purty good Engrish compared to Japan, where they may just stair at yu. I’d say it’s the British influenza.

        1. Re: Engrish!

          Actually, if I think about all the translated words in Cantonese, it almost sounds intelligible. I cast my vote for HK as well..

          I wish I had the expertise to write english so poorly. I can’t bend my mind properly to do it…

    1. I didn’t get Guitar Freaks. I got the Guitar Freaks 3rd / Drum Mania 2nd combo game for PS2, which is currently in an order that is being held up by my DDRMAX preorder.

      I bought this controller online at RedOctane.com.

      1. My Q about Guitar Freaks was a seperate one from the controller lol.

        Just seems like everywhere I look for GF 1st, that it is out of stock or somebody wants more then what they paid for it new!

        Have you ever been to Network Video over in Burlingame? They have a lot of use/new jp games and bemani stuff (and as far as I know.. no GF :P)


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