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WWW.Obsessive Guy
May 28, 2002, 8:13 pm
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A while back, I bought the DDRMAX soundtrack, as I’ve been buying all of the DDR soundtracks for a while now. I really liked one of the songs on it, WWW.Blonde Girl (which evidently is a favorite of quite a few people). I liked it so much that I wanted the full 2:39 version, instead of the 1:05 DDR short version. So I bought the Dancemania CD that it came from, which had a few other songs on it that were interesting (A dance remix of Eyes on Me among other things).

The problem was that the Dancemania CD was a megamix CD, which means at the beginning and the end of the Track, it bled into the previous and next songs. This wouldn’t do if I just wanted to put the song into my MP3 player and listen to it.

So, in an act that Luke called “obsessive”, I edited the three versions of the song together… the beginning of the DDR version from the DDRMAX Megamix on Disc 2, the middle of the 2:30 version from Dancemania, and the end of the DDR version from the DDRMAX Disc 1. I got a finished product that is very pleasing, and I uploaded it to my MP3 player. Whee.

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