So I got my $300 Tax Relief check today. Yay.

Sorry, Dubya, the bribe didn’t work, I still won’t vote for you in three years. Thanks for the DVDs, though.

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  1. Some smart person wrote in the newspaper that the fact that they are sending out checks is simply a marketing ploy.

    This tax relief could’ve been just as easily given in the form of one line on next year’s tax form — that is, “subtract $300 from the tax, yahoo”. That, however, would not be as memorable to folks.

    1. Re: Hey!

      Probably because his Social Security number ends in the range 00-09.

      Mine ends in 29, so can expect a check during the second week of August. I’m going to do as the president asks, and bolster the economy by buying a plane ticket. Such a dutiful citizen, I am.

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