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AX Day Three
July 7, 2001, 10:13 pm
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It’s all over. I can’t remember if I spilled the beans here or not, but this was 5XL’s last concert. We mean it. And when I say “we mean it,” we mean it more than “this is our last song” and then 30 seconds later break out an encore that we honestly weren’t planning on doing.

It was an effort of passion, something we did because it was fun, we did it for the fans, the glory, but certainly not for the money… ’cause it cost us way more than it made. It was quite a ride, and now it’s time to take a break.

Changing gears, it’s time for some mini-updates.

  • It happened again. A completely different conversation, a completely different situation, and of course, a completely different girl. “My boyfriend” jumps out of the conversation and into my long term memory, a burned-in audio clip that will echo around for too long of a time.
  • So if AX fans line up for hours for an event they already have tickets for, how long do they wait for the tickets themselves? I woke up and went to my staff shift at 8am this morning as was surprised by quite a long line already outside. Little did I know, it was actually the third segment of the line, and the first person had actually started lining up at one in the morning. Insanity. Pure insanity.
  • On the way to the concert, my mom got a flat tire. Only later, I find out it was more than that. Remember that Firestone recall on Ford Explorers? Well, that’s what happened to her; she had defective tires and one of them blew out.
  • So I invited an old high school friend to the concert today. Of course, he was there before the concert, and left early, so he didn’t get to see my mom. Oh well. It was weird seeing him. I also found out that one of the people he still hangs out with that I used to know in high school is now married… and so the ratio goes up.

Only one more day left. It’s been four days, and I’ve built up enough emotional baggage to last me almost half a year… what a vicious cycle. I’ll have just gotten over everything, and it’ll be the convention season again.

Time for bed, I have to get up early again, of course. My feet hurt so much.

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