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July 24, 2001, 2:03 pm
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…is good news, I suppose.

I don’t really have much to say, except that I hate Microsoft Networking. But you all knew that already.

Doo de doo.

I think I’m going to start taking Japanese again, if I can find a decent place that has night courses that aren’t introductory level. As I’ve thought about it, I realize that I remember quite a bit more than I thought, and I could probably very easily test into a second semester class.

My right arm is still sore from that time I landed on it funny. I’m gonna have to go see the doctor. The problem is, I can’t remember who my doctor is. I just signed up for one that was close when I turned in my insurance forms three years ago… bleh.

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I wanna take Japanese too again; took that 1 year @ Cal and all I could ever utter is “sumimasen” when pushing past ppl on the train or “hai”. That was the extent of it. >_<

Community colleges just don’t have a great Japanese offering at night. ‘Course, there’re those “Japanese Schools” that run on Saturdays..

then again, i also would like to learn mandarin, maybe some spanish.. doot dee doo

Comment by curse

Re: Nihongo!

curse and andi andi andi could look at soko gakuen’s offerings…… they have nite classes AND saturday classes and they come in all sorts of levels and the teachers are really nice (except for the principal *shudder*). but it’s located in sf jtown… but they’re cheaps!!!!! ^_^

Comment by Anonymous

Let’s see…

..there’s Foothill and De Anza and West Valley and Mission to name a few. They all offer evening classes, though I don’t know what level of speaking you’re at, so.. I also found the Silicon Valley Language Institute as well..

Comment by digitalmaven

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