It works! I updated the Flickr gallery with some shots of it working.

The right arrow’s wire is a bit loose, when I first screwed everything in to the enclosure, it wasn’t working, but taking it back out and putting it back in fixed it. I hope it doesn’t spontaneously stop working after time.

I made such a mess on the kitchen table for this project…

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  1. Well, you inspired me to try it one last time and, amazingly enough, I got it all to work. Good call on the threading, though I bailed on soldering those down – the soldering just wasn’t adhering, so a quick line of electrical tape fixed that part up right away. Victory!

    Which leads to two questions:

    1) Is it possible to change users inside DDR Universe 2, using the pad?

    2) Is there any way to move or alter the really annoying PERFECTs, etc, which are huge, on top, and placed right around where I’m usually reading the arrows? 😛

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