First post!

So I probably should have posted this yesterday, but I’m lazy. I finally braved the line a bought an iPhone. The line was all of one person long, too.

Then I used Bluetooth to sync it to my Prius and they both exploded in a cloud of pretentiousness.

Hmm it looks like Safari is freaking out on the tags box on the post form. So I’ll just have to leave it on something.

7 Replies to “First post!”

  1. Tannim has a hands free set in his Prius because he didn’t want to pay the extra $2k for the bluetooth version. 😉 And yes, it’s synced to his iPhone. 😉 He got it yesterday.

  2. I’ve had my iPhone sync to my Lexus (probably same system as your prius since they’re both just Toyotas?) for over a year now. It works great for me.

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