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November 13, 2006, 4:23 pm
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I may regret my decision not to go out of my way to preorder a Wii. Videos of Twilight Princess are making me drool. Of course, I’m still waist-deep into FF12, and don’t look to be done any time soon. I’ve barely logged into FFXI in the last two weeks except to do Limbus… At least the upcoming holiday season means more days off; more time to catch up on games.

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you’ll be able to waltz in to wlamart nov 20th and buy one without problem ^^

Comment by gavv

Well, Target’s closer to me, so I’m going to try there first.

Comment by Andy Scheffler

O RLY? Are they getting a huge like xbox shipment?

I really like that samurai gun wii game which of course I forgot the name of it. Hmm I wonder if there will be a Phoenix Wright game for the WII? THat would be sweeto to use the wiimote to point out OBJECTION!

Comment by lyricaldanichan

I’m pretty much the same way all around.

Really gonna keep my fingers crossed on the Wal-Mart angle.

And… who’s pyee?

Comment by stormfeather

His best friend

Comment by pyee


Comment by Andy Scheffler


Comment by kken


Comment by vibratingsheep

Hmmm… I’ll check out Gavv’s suggestion, otherwise I’ll wait until after the holidays, after the smoke clears, and get one. (Nice concept, stupid name – I liked Revolution better.)

In any case, need to pick up about 8 feet minimum of cat5e or cat6 cable from new arrival to router when that day comes.

Comment by raider3

You know you want it.

Comment by jack9

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