The Habitrail

August 9, 2006, 3:57 pm
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So I’ve been busy at work for the most part, except when I’m stuck waiting for people to get back to me on all three of my simultaneous projects, like right now. So I guess I’ll use this time to post about AOD or something.

The benefit of being one of the last to make an LJ post on a convention is that most people already made all the cool references, so I don’t have to be witty or remember what happened. I spent most (almost all) of my time in the ConOps room. It was a much mellower con this year, especially compared to last year, where most of my energy was spent tracking down people, this time we didn’t do much other than communicate with “special ops” and handle staff check-in, parking validation, keeping track of what was stored in our room, and being a place where various people could get online and/or print stuff on the printer.

Of course, being stuck in a windowless room for so many hours, I began to lose track of time by the end of the weekend, which was a bit annoying.

For those of you who are watching Feasting on Asphalt, I watched episode two and was surprised to find Alton Brown stopped at not one, but two places in Evansville, Indiana, my mother’s hometown and where my grandmother still lives. I’ve been there once, but of course I didn’t recognize anything. My mother didn’t even recognize anything… oh well, I suppose it’s a big town.

I suppose I should get back to work.

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