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Wasting time
April 29, 2006, 1:12 am
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So I had a job interview today with a super-secret Internet startup that they couldn’t tell me what they did, following up from one of the phone interviews I did earlier in the week. I met with the guy I talked with on the phone, that went well enough. Met with another guy, that seems to go pretty well also. Then I met with a third guy, who kept interrupting me when I was talking, got to a certain point in the interview, asked me “do you know [Technology X]?” Which I didn’t. He then asked “do you know [Technology Y]?”, which I didn’t either.

At that point the interview was over, I’m sorry, they do everything in those two technologies, they’d really like to hire someone who knew them well.

I didn’t have those on my resumé anywhere… if it’s that important to you, why did you bother bringing me in?

The problem I knew I was going to have is rearing its ugly head. I learned a little bit about a lot of different things in the last eight years, but everyone wants to hire a specialist.

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