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Where the heck have I been?
November 17, 2005, 2:11 am
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I haven’t updated in a while. I didn’t post a second half to my Indiana trip. I haven’t been doing a lot of things.

What I am doing is going down to Gencon SoCal tomorrow to help run karaoke for the anime track, then staying down in L.A. through Thanksgiving at my parent’s.

There’s other stuff, I suppose, but nothing worth noting.

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You start playing WoW and you don’t tell us? >:O

Comment by penguinparity

I was ashamed.

Comment by Andy Scheffler

but now you’re on a different server 🙁

Comment by penguinparity


<-- Amefuri

Add me to your friendslist! ^.^

erm… on WoW ^.^

Comment by amefurift


Comment by Andy Scheffler

I’m glad you finally pulled your head out of your ass after a WHOLE YEAR and started playing WoW. Seriously how did you play Final Sucking 11 for so long without it crushing your already god forsaken soul confuses me.

What server are you on so i can mock you endlessly with /tell for gold. And how the hell did you get knight rank at lvl 26? I’ve only been a Knight for about a week untll i decided I didnt want to do battlegrounds endlessly anymore.

Also, lolz you’re a gay elf. But I give you credit for not rolling a Taruen SHAMAN or a Forsaken ROGUE.

Comment by pyee

Oh wait NVM, I looked at your guild page and the ‘knight’ thing is just some shitty guild rank. Lolz

Comment by pyee

Yeah, they set it up as Mime -> Squire (just start) -> Knight (hit level 20) -> Crusader (hit level 55) -> Baron (people in charge) -> Lord (Leader) -> High Lord (person who created the guild who isn’t around much anymore).

Comment by Andy Scheffler

He’s a druid so it’s either a big gay elf or a Tauren. :p

Comment by ravingsanity

Druid? Aw come on…hunters and priests all the way! ^.^

GenCon…I’m jealous. I have to work, or I’d go to. 🙁

Comment by reluctantvixen

Druid plays very similarly to Red Mage in FFXI. It seemed to be what I was most comfortable with… i.e. if I was just going to play one job, I might as well pick one that can heal, DD or Tank… albeit not the best in either.

Comment by Andy Scheffler

Playing WoW, eh? Hmmmmm…

If you ever feel like saying hi, I’m horde-side on Doomhammer (or “Laghammer” as it’s become lately *sigh*). Dokktar (Orc Warrior) is my main but I’m just as likely to be on an alt. 😉

Comment by ravingsanity

hehehehehe… call me when you are done with the con~ Let’s go eat something yummy~

Comment by sansansan

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