A good day for FFXI

Yay, three FFXI posts in a row.

This morning I decided to blow my second Red Mage Testimony and try defeating Maat again.

And it only took a Yagudo Drink and a Pro-Ether. And it was very sloppy, I forgot to stoneskin and blink at the beginning, and forgot to put my Enfeebling Torque in all my debuffing macros. But a sloppy victory is still a victory.

Then Luke and I did Promyvion-Holla, and beat that successfully. He had already done it, but it was my last, and I finally have Tavnazia access. Then I took a break, then we came back and did Promyvion-Dem, which was his last one, and he now has Tavnazia access.

Then, as I was on my way to the Qufim vortext to go play in Misereux Coast, someone says that Steelfleece Baldarich was up and unclaimed. So I popped my Dem ring on, and 30 seconds later I was in Konschtat Highlands, but by the time I got there, my LS-mate was dead. I claimed the guy though. I might have been able to solo him, but it would have been close, but it was no matter, because reinforcements came about halfway and we handled him easily. No Viking Shield, though. And the guy who died (Kagon) was the guy who dealt the killing blow, so there was some karmic vengeance there.

Then I went back to Miseareux Coast, and beat on Leshys for a while, getting a little bit of exp, some mighty defensive skill-ups, but no petrified logs. I think I may be spending quite a bit of time there, though. The Leshys spawn so quickly that even though there were two of us farming them, they kept respawning as fast as we could kill them.

All in all, it was a good day.

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