Now that I’m in front of the PS2, here is the transcript of the BBS thread in .//MUTATION… heh heh heh.

Jasu: I’m writing here for the first time. The rumor that you become comatose after playing this game isn’t true, right? I’m kinda getting scared…

danZo: I don’t think it’s just a rumor. According to my friend, apparently there are some people that lost consciousness.

Takt: If you can do that with a game, you don’t need weapons of mass destruction anymore. 🙂

cappuccino: It seems there were a lot of sirens after the last noise incident.

Okamo: Why don’t you stop saying that kind of crap?

Meowa: Explain why you think it’s crap…!

PIN: My cat reset the machine before the noise so I couldn’t see it. 🙁

Okamo: Let’s use common sense, people.
Things like that just don’t happen.

Meowa: Common sense is overrated.

Takt: Hey, you guys are off topic. 🙂

Monkey Man: PIN: use a bottle cap to cover the reset button. But, you probably want to thank your cat.

H: I think it’s starting to get dangerous…

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