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September 9, 2002, 10:17 pm
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For some reason, the DSL fixed itself, which scares me more than if it had stayed broken. But at least I got my New York photos online.

So we last left off, I was half way through the convention, Sunday afternoon. It only got busier, as Sunday was the day I got three newsletters to press (although technically the last one was very early Monday morning).

I spent a lot of time in ConOps, and waiting for Kinko’s to print and/or deliver the newsletters. It was all very annoying, because for some reason the New York attendees didn’t take newsletters. We started printing 4000 copies of each newsletter, and eventually got down to 1500, and still had extras. Oh well. At least some people enjoyed them.

I might link them here — they’re about 1.5M each, but I’m afraid my bandwidth will run out, and then my entire website would be without images.

So anyway, as of Monday morning, we were done with newsletter, so I spent most of the day wandering, but I slept in a bit as well. That night, things got a bit crazy, as you might be able to tell from the pictures. There’s quite a few sets of online photos out there of that evening…

Tuesday, we wandered around, went down to Greenwich Village, ate at Peanut Butter & Co. (I had a Fluffernutter) and wandered to the Empire State building (a decent walk), had White Castle (Garland’s first time), saw Minority Report, went to an Arcade, and wandered back to the hotel.

Wednesday, we checked out, saw a matinee of Into the Woods, then caught our plane and flew home.

Huzzah. Tired.

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