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Adobe, Fonts, Hotels, and New York
August 22, 2002, 5:41 pm
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If I have any way to sum up the last three days of my life, it is thusly.


On Monday and Tuesday, I basically wasted away my whole work day just trying to convert these two fonts from Mac to PC without using a utility that I had to pay for. The painful part was that I had managed to do it in the past, but forgot how. Tuesday afternoon I finally figured out how.

Then again, last night, I was doing some random testing of AXNY Newsletter stuffs, and it turns out that PageMaker 6.5 (for OS 9) does not like certain fonts on my computer. Illustrator 10 (For OS X) happens to work just fine, and I could always pass stuff through, but it would be a pain in the ass. So tonight I’m going to finish what I started and buy the PageMaker 7 upgrade at Fry’s. If that doesn’t fix my problem, I won’t be happy.

We finally figured out our rooming situation for the days we’ll be in New York that aren’t covered by staffing. We leave on Wednesday and return on Wednesday. If I planned it correctly, there should be an shipment on my desk at work when I return, and in that shipment will be Mario Sunshine. I seriously considered taking my GameCube with me and buying it there, but was convinced otherwise.

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