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Pacific Bell, how we loathe thee…
May 24, 2001, 2:06 pm
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So, we’re starting to move into the new place, and we want to get DSL set up. The landlord had DSL through Pacbell before, so we thought that we could just transfer the account over, without having to have a technician come out and set up the line again.

We thought wrong.

My conversation with Pacbell went like this:

Me: I’d like to transfer the account over to my name.
Them: We can’t do that, he’s signed a contract with us.
Me: Well, can he cancel his contract and we’d sign a new one, but not have to disconnect the line?
Them: No, it doesn’t work that way.
Me: Well, fine then, just make a new account.
Them: Have you set up your new line in the house yet?
Me: No…
Them: You have to have your line set up, then five business days later you can order DSL, once it’s in the system.
Me: Fine, can I do that now.
Them: Yes, let me transfer you.

And then I go and actually transfer my line. Yay. So as of tomorrow morning, if you call me at home, you won’t get me, you’ll get Ken and Luke… heh. But the only people who ever call me at home are my mom and telemarketers, everyone else uses my cell phone.

Now I get to play with getting the Cable service transferred… heh heh heh.

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New Apartment Woes

I feel your pain.

Believe me

These utilities.. and how they operate..
It is mystery !!

Comment by morgaine

Ew Pac Bell

Why not go with a better company for DSL rather than dealing with Pac Bell?

Comment by Anonymous

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