So at this moment, my mother and step-father are in Alaska on a cruise. As a part of this trip, my mom is making a special pilgrimage to Juneau, which will be the last of the 50 state capitals she’s visited in her life, and the only one that my father never made it to.

My brother just made an offer on a house. I’m so proud.

As for myself, life continues on. As is the recent tradition, it’s been six months so it’s time for me to have another boss. I’m still doing the same job as the last year and a half, but now they did a little re-org.

I finally rectified a shortcoming in my life and I purchased Okami for the Wii. I’m probably about 2/3rds of the way through if my item list is any indication and it’s everything people have said it was. I also picked up (i.e. downloaded via Steam) the Secret of Monkey Island remake. As I’m getting further in, things are seeming less and less familiar, I either played it once through way back when and replayed only the first bit, or I never finished it at all. Admitting this possibility probably loses me some nerd points.

The summer game drought is still going strong for me, with Shadow Complex coming out tomorrow and then an explosion in September. Hopefully I can finish Okami and Dragon Warrior V DS soon, and I’d like to finish my second playthrough of FF12 as well, seeing as how I bought a PS2 slim pretty much for the purpose of playing it again. (Although my library of PS2 games is full of reasons).

The WoW expansion news is starting to get exciting — I bought the DirecTV PPV to watch Blizzcon. I just hope that it doesn’t come out anywhere near FFXIV, because that would be a strain on my free time….

Another member of the family

So I haven’t posted to the elljay in a while, but I have been making with the Twitter on an occasional basis. I’ve noticed my friends list has been dwindling in activity, as I guess short nugget sized 140 character updates are becoming more the norm than multi-paragraph posts. Another casualty of the ADD post-MTV generation, I suppose.

So, I had this whole chain of priorities of things that needed to be done in a very specific order that I’ve been working towards:

I wanted to finally have an app on my iPhone that I could search my collection of DVDs and books wherever I was so I could not accidentally buy the same thing twice, but Delicious Library 2 requires Leopard, and my Powerbook still has Tiger and instead of paying for Leopard I could just buy a new MacBook Pro…

But before I could buy a new MacBook Pro (which would also let me finally play with iPhone programming) I’d have to pay off some of my credit cards and get my finances stabilized and my house refinanced.

So I got my house refinanced. I paid off my credit cards. I got my brand new MacBook Pro (so shiny) and I find that both Delicious Library’s iPhone app and Pocketpedia were both pulled from the app store because Amazon.com is being persnickety.

Yes, I have both of them downloaded already, but I’d either have to pay for DL 2.0 or a DVDPedia/Bookpedia etc. bundle in the hopes that the version of the iPhone app I have will possibly continue to work maybe and pray that nothing breaks that would have required an update. Both Delicious and Bruji have expressed that they are upset that Amazon did what they did and they wanted to support the iPhone. I hope that Amazon pulls its head out of its ass.

Okay, Mr. Dishwasher, I’m looking at you next

Whoever had the water heater in the “Which of Andy’s appliances fails next” pool is a winner!

I was sick over the three-day weekend, which means I didn’t even get to visit at Fanime, and ended up working from home today. Then Jenny came upstairs and said “I don’t want to bother you, but there’s a funny sound coming from the laundry room.” After stepping into a pool of water, I quickly figured out what was wrong.

One quick shutoff valve turning and some not so quick mopping and drying of the linoleum later, and the room is mostly dry… although the fan is going to run overnight to make sure the nooks and crannies underneath the washer and dryer get dried off. This, people, is why it is building code to have a pan and drain underneath all new water heaters. This one was 20 years old and so it didn’t have it.

So in retrospect, spending an hour in a damp room exerting myself may not have been the best thing to do when getting over a cold…

Bite sized for your annoyance

Okay, after magaliiiii (oh dear, I started to type @magaliiiii there) pointed out, many of us are doing the “Here’s the tweets I did in the last 24 hours” posts here in lieu of real content.

I started doing this because not many people were following me on Twitter. I suppose I can stop now, but then I’ll have to actually post real posts here instead of just relying on a constant string of 140 character blurbs to fill my LJ history…

In all fairness, this is probably a good thing. Twitter is good for what it is, but there are many times I’ve felt very constrained by the 140 character limit. Crafting elegant turn of phrase is hard when that number is very steadily counting down to 0…

Tip of the iceberg

I’ve been watching my Dark Angel DVDs again in the background while I do other things, and I noticed quite a few actors that later went on to do the new Battlestar Galactica. I just kept seeing more and more, and I realized that the seven that I recognized were only the tip of the iceberg of actors that worked on both shows.

Thoughts in 140 characters

  • 20:11 Going to get the cavity filled tomorrow morning. I hope I can properly breathe out of my nose this time. #
  • 20:22 I always see people wearing scrubs in El Pollo Loco. That’s gotta be a good endorsement of the healthiness of the product. #

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Thoughts in 140 characters

  • 15:23 So many new faces in teh tweeter. Now there’s even more chance that tweets will disappear before I can read them. #
  • 20:42 I get to deal with dim sum during Passover on Saturday. This shall be interesting. #

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