1999 was when I started scanning in lots of photos. The "classic" photo albums are all in here (at least in my mind). Most of these albums were on my page forever, stagnating while I continued to take pictures. Almost a year after that, I finally caught up, and added the last few.

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March 06, 1999 Karaoke at Do Re Mi

April 12 - July 3, 1999 NorCal BBQ, Sushi Showdown, BBQ at Anime Apartment

July 15 - 18, 1999 Anime Expo '99 Roll 1

July 18 - 28, 1999 Anime Expo '99 Roll 2, Hank's B-Day and karaoke

August 9 - September 17, 1999Yahoo! Company Picnic, Monterey, Dinner at Rocco's, AX EH Meeting

September 18 - October 10, 1999 Trip to Seattle, Misc. shots of my toys, More fun with Kirstin and Gerald

October 16, 1999 - January 29, 2000 Luke's odd food at karaoke, The night I treated everyone to sushi, Ski trip

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