One of the semi-regular (and by semi-regular, I mean "whenever someone feels like organizing it") get-togethers within the combined groups of #anime! and Cal Animage Alpha decide to go spend lots of money to watch each other embarass ourselves. This particular event was one of the largest, requiring two rooms to hold us all. I spent most of my time in the larger of the two rooms.

I don't know what Mara's doing, but Luke looks like he's trying to get into the picture.

Mara, Ryan, Eileen, Hong and Mike wail their lungs out while Egan peeks out from behind.

Break it down, guys!

Luke is obviously making more of an effort to strut than to sing.

I don't think you can tell at this resolution, but yes, those are leopard spots on Luke's pants.

I thought I was quick
But the other camera snapped
I'm caught in the act

     - A Haiku

Taka sings yet another of those Japanese crooner songs.

I took this picture of Hank at an angle, trying to be artistic or some junk...

... and I continued to be artistic after I scanned it.

Monica, Ryan and Hong sing, Eileen seems to be having a little too much fun up there.

Nati croons, while Chico gives me one of his "looks." And, yes, I think that's my thumb. (And Chico says he's gonna kill me for taking this picture.)

Eileen, exhausted and exuberant all at once.

Meanwhile, back in the other room, Weldon is blaming Ken for something...

Ryan, Phil and Hong try to get a passing-by trucker to honk his horn. (This is that picture of Phil that I don't know why he's so angry about me taking.)

Soung and Brian, the CAA birthday guys, who didn't sing a single song! Shame on you two!


Why is it that Luke is the only one who realizes that I'm taking a picture and stares right at me?

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