Continued from the first roll, these are the events of Anime Expo 1999 on the last day, Sunday, as well as the rest of the roll, which I used up at Hank's birthday party at some Thai restaurant in San Francisco which I can't remember the name of right now.

Grace (EvaGoddes) doing her impression of a Japanese schoolgirl posing for a picture. (And no, she's not Japanese, so that's pretty impressive.)

Brian (Kazuki) gets an unwilling MEGAHUG from Nicole (niko-chan), Monica (Akirachan), Mara, (meowa) and Eileen (kaki-p).

Nicole, Monica and Eileen are... Lionel's Angels! Meanwhile, a Pikachu sneaks up on Mara... Look out, Mara!

First of the art show flats that was doodled on after Anime Expo.

Second art flat. (as a side note, I had to Photoshop these to remove some of the glare)

Third art flat. There were actually more, but I stopped taking pictures...

...except, how could I pass up this little gem, drawn by Lionel? If you don't know what it means, it's not funny anyway.

Arsinoe, Mark's (emerson) little kitten. If this picture is any indication, this cat is gonna have a hand phobia when it grows up.

It's Mike (St_Shogun) in a rare moment at Anime Expo: he's not wearing a suit! (Also, I believe this is the look that he has when he comes onto IRC as TiredSho.)

Division heads at the gripe session. I don't remember some of their names, so I won't give any.

Nicole and Eileen showing off their Anime Expo-colored ensemble.

Hank's Birthday Dinner (July 27, 1999)

Phil (Pyee), Taka (Outis) and Nicole waiting for dinner. Nicole is busy looking at my first roll of pictures.

Hank (Desslar), Alex, Lesley (MariDTank) and Nicole all stare at something that I managed to not capture on film.

One of Hank's gift bags, with little cute cute fuzzy bears on it!

The moral of this picture is: never agree to unconditionally wear something on your head without knowing what it is beforehand.

Hank's birthday ice cream, with little cashews on it in the shape of a smiley-face...

...which is later eaten by Jar-Jar Binks. Or at least, the suck-on-my-tongue lollypop version of him.


And of course, we went to karaoke afterwards. Lesley, Hong (hokuhoku), and Alex.

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