Well, it took me forever to try and find ASA 400 APS film, but the difference is noticable. Many of these pictures came out rather well (especially that one of Nati, hee hee) and in vivid color, so it was worth the two mile walk to Target and back in the Orange County heat on Friday. Continues in the second roll.

We are greeted to Anime Expo 1999 by the ever present Pikachu; the dual-sided cartoon icon of being cute and electrocuting the crap out of everyone who gets in your way.

Lots of people hanging out in front of the Exhibit Hall control booth. From left to right: Jason (Suroc), the back of someone's head, Garland (Danpa), Brian, Kirstin's shirt (curse), Pomru (just Pomru), Nati (Nation), Egan (Haro-chan), Monica (Akirachan)

Aaron (DaJoker) and Albert (Feddie) hard at work trying to get some of the money back they poured into the bottomless pit called fandom.

Garland, Monica, Nicole (niko-chan), and Emily sit as we wait for the all-staff meeting to start. I don't know why exactly Monica is giving me that look.

Seven of the ten Cal Animage Alpha Presidents: L-R First Row: Trulee Lee, Mike Tatsugawa. Second Row: Suizi Lin, Brian Mao, Rannie Yoo, Terry Yeung. In back because he's so damn tall: Luke Gottlieb.

Surprisingly, one of the better pictures I've got of Kirstin.

Ladies and Gentlemen, 5XL! Hank (Desslar) on bass, Hong (hokuhoku) on lead guitar and vocals, Chico (Chico-san) on drums, and Me on keyboard.

Another shot of 5XL, this time you can actually make out Chico's head from behind the cymbals.

One of the very few times I actually looked up during the performance. (red eye! red eye!)

Pomru watches, as Taka (Outis) is his normal, foolish self.

And now, the picture you've all been waiting for... Card Captor Nati!

Ken (kken) in a moment on non-surliness.

One of the hard-working SPJA Archive staff, Luke (Paco-Paco a.k.a. Agent Red Sparrow) poses, as Hiroki (Tono) walks on by.

The winning act at the karaoke contest, an ensemble of characters from Bust a Move.

The judges for the karaoke contest, Luke, Ryan (Subaru-kun) and Lesley (MariDTank).

Chico and Jeremy (Shinohara) in the midst of bidding for a Gundam sketch in the charity auction. The eventual winner was Jeremy at over $2,000!

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