I had this roll of film with photos of the past few months' worth of events I went to... got it developed, and wow, what a crappy set of pictures! I mean, the exposure's all off on half of them, and most of the rest are poorly chosen. So, I got nothing' better to do than share them with you all. That, and I promised some people I'd post some of these. (And trust me, you don't even want to bother with the other pictures on this roll...) And so, most of these pictures are dark and/or grainy...

NorCal BBQ (May 02, 1999)

The gang gathered around Chico's grill.

Lionel (Kyousuke) and Eileen (kaki-p)

Mara (Meowa) and Luke (Paco-Paco)

Taka stalks his prey...

... the mighty soap bubble.

Sushi Showdown (June 25, 1999)

Round 1 - Nigiri: (sushi not fully visible) Joe (KageNeko), the eventual winner.

Round 2 - Maki:

Round 3 - Nigiri, take 2
(Round 4 - Maki, take 2 not pictured)

The Bill: Weldon (Komatsu), the proud taker of second place.

The Total: $338.52! (including everyone else's meals, of course)

The UFO (June 26, 1999)

The mysterious object sighted on Geary Ave.... a bus that carries lamers!

Where else would a bus full of lamers be from?

Gerald (Touya) and Kirstin (curse) pose in front of the mysterious object

The Elusive Stella (July 3, 1999)

Stella ducks under a table to avoid having the picture taken.

Stella covers her face with her hand.

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