(Obligatory) Personal Profile Page
Well, this would be the second version of this page... many of the things that used to be here, you may find on my Interests Page. (when and if it gets done)

Now that I've graduated college, and entered what many would call the "real world," I've had a little less time to update these pages. So let's try and make this brief.

I was born on October 26, 1976 in the State of Indiana, where I lived for a whole whopping six months before I moved to Southern California, where I lived for the majority of my life. I lived in a couple of cities in Northern Orange County, Placentia and Yorba Linda for my early childhood, and Brea, where I went to elementary school, junior high and high school, at Brea Olinda High School, then, after I was at college, my mom moved back to Yorba Linda.

I went to UC Berkeley for four years, and managed to graduate with a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering / Computer Science. (Emphasis on the Computer Science.) Then it turns out the skills I learned while messing around with the Internet in my free time were the ones that made me qualified for the job I do now.

Currently, I live in Sunnyvale, CA. Just a quick ten minute drive from work. (Yay!)

I work at Yahoo, and have for a very long time.

In my free time I play a video games... a little bit of every system, but mostly RPGs and adventure games. I also play Magic: the Gathering occasionally, and I used to play a lot of other Collectible Card games, but don't much anymore.

My uncle, Herb Scheffler, took this picture.
My top ten favorite songs (a bit out of date).
All of the vacations that I have taken.
The story of my $1,800 Mistake.
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