The $1,800 (actually only $250 now, and not really a mistake) Mistake
(Or, "How Andy tried to get out of Bowles, succeeded, failed, then suceeded again, at a considerable expense, and then at not such a considerable expense.")

This is the story of Andy Andy. Andy Andy wanted to get out of his Bowles Bowles Contract. Andy Andy had found a nice little house House with people he liked that he wanted to live in.
So Andy Andy went down to the Housing and Dining Department H&D. The Housing and Dining Department H&D told Andy Andy that he could cancel his Bowles Bowles Contract, and they would find a replacement for him, and not to worry, because he was first 1 on the waiting list, so Andy Andy was happy :) and on December 15, moved out of Bowles Bowles.

All was happy :) and fine. Andy Andy went home for Winter Break, and all was well until mid-December, when Andy Andy received a bill from the University Berkeley with a $600 $600 charge from Housing and Dining H&D for January Room and Board. Andy Andy was confused, so he called, long distance, Housing and Dining H&D. Housing and Dining H&D told Andy Andy not to worry, the process of finding a replacement for him was still going on, and that Housing and Dining H&D would find a replacement for him, he was first 1 on the waiting list. Satisfied, Andy Andy decided not to pay the January Bill $600.

Time passed, and Andy's mother Mom kept bugging Andy Andy to find out what was happening. So Andy Andy called Housing and Dining H&D again, and they said not to worry, they hadn't done the replacement process yet. Winter Break was winding down, and Andy Andy called Housing and Dining H&D one more time. Housing and Dining H&D told Andy Andy that they had done the replacement process and three 3 replacements had been found. Unfortunately for Andy Andy, there were also three 3 people who withdrew from Bowles Bowles. (One 1 person graduated, one 1 person widthdrew from the University Berkeley, and one 1 person was kicked out, I think) Therefore, Housing and Dining H&D had not found a replacement for Andy Andy, but they were still looking.

At this point Andy Andy began to get a bit nervous. He had already moved out of Bowles Bowles, and had been living in his house House for at least a month. Before returned to Berkeley Berkeley on January 17th, another bill for $600 $600 (Februrary Room and Board) arrived. Andy Andy decided to ignore this one as well, confident that within a few days, the situation would be resolved.

Time passed, and Housing and Dining H&D had not found a replacement for Andy Andy. On February 13th, Housing and Dining H&D send Andy Andy a letter Letter saying that they didn't find a replacement and Andy Andy had three 3 choices: 1) Move back into Bowles Bowles. 2) Find a replacement himself. 3) Write a letter Letter to the Appeals Board.

Andy Andy didn't want to move back into Bowles Bowles so he tried to find his own replacement. Unfortunately for Andy Andy, on February 15th, another bill for $600 $600 was due. This one went unpaid as well, because Andy Andy was optimistic on finding a replacement. But, no one wanted to move into Bowles Bowles, especially this far into the semester.

Andy Andy decided to write a letter Letter to the Appeals Board. Housing and Dining H&D gives three 3 good reasons and three 3 bad reasons for appealing to have a housing contract cancelled X. The good reasons were: Medical, Financial and Contractual. Andy Andy had sort of financial and contractual, but not really. The bad reasons were: Found Alternate Housing,Roommate Conflict, and Dietary needs, Two of these definitely applied to Andy Andy. He didn't appear to have a good case.

Andy Andy wrote the letter Letter, but didn't get any documentation, so the first appeal was denied. Two weeks later, Andy Andy tried again, with a photocopy of his lease agreement at his house House. This was denied too, expectedly. Andy Andy was upset, and basically gave in and got ready to move back into Bowles Bowles.

About March 7, Andy Andy was visiting the offices of Housing and Dining H&D for the umpteenth time, when one of the clerks suggested that Andy Andy write a letter Letter to Harry Le Grande, Director of Housing and Dining H&D. So Andy Andy did. Harry gave the letter Letter to the director of Placement, who then called Andy Andy on March 12th, saying that Housing and Dining H&D would cancel Andy's Andy Bowles Bowles contract. And everyone was happy :) .

The whole affair ended up costing Andy Andy (Actually, Andy's mother Mom) $1,800 $1,800. $600 $600 for each January, Feburary and March housing, at which time Andy Andy was also paying rent at his house House.

Then during Spring break, Andy Andy was back home House, and his mother Mom gave him a letter Letter from Housing H&D that said that he owed them another $250 for cancelling his contract. At this point Andy Andy and his mother Mom figured what's another $250 when we've already paid $1,800 $1,800 , so we'll pay it, grudgingly.

Spring break passed, and on April 1st, Andy Andy received his CARS bill for the month of April. At the top, there was the $250 charge, as he expected, but there also was a refund for January, February, and March's housing $1,800. So really the only thing that cost was the $250.

End of Story (we all hope)

P.S. I don't know if I should be putting this last part on the page, because, if it turns out to be a mistake that they refunded me, the last thing I want to do is draw their attention to it. :)

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